Omega Returns!

Omega Factor

So the truth is out there… A new audio series of The Omega Factor has been launched today by Big Finish.

We’ll be following up the classic 1979 BBC TV series with brand new contemporary stories in 2015. From the news release:

‘Big Finish Productions has signed a licence to make brand new audio episodes of Jack Gerson’s chilling supernatural drama The Omega Factor. The original series aired on BBC television in 1979 and starred James Hazeldine as Tom Crane, Louise Jameson as Anne Reynolds and John Carlisle as Roy Martindale, who headed up a secret government agency assigned to investigate the human psyche and paranormal events. In the course of their duties, the team uncovered the plans of the sinister Drexel and a dangerous organisation known only as Omega.

“With the blessing of Jack Gerson’s estate, we will be bringing The Omega Factor right up to date,” says producer David Richardson. “The first box set opens in 2015, a more technological – and more cynical – age for Department 7.”

For over thirty years Omega has been silent, and Department 7 – now led by Anne Reynolds – is almost without purpose. But the arrival of Adam, son of the late Tom Crane, will change all that, as a series of terrifying events suggests that perhaps Omega is returning, and that the world is in danger…

Louise Jameson reprises her role as Anne, while Natasha Gerson – daughter of creator Jack Gerson – is back as the shadowy figure Morag.’

Ahead of the series, there’ll be an audiobook of Jack Gerson’s novelisation of the series, read by Louise Jameson and out later this year.

Nefarious plans are in motion, and I look forward to scaring you all to death next year…

The audiobook reading and new series box set can be pre-ordered here

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