More Dark Eyes & Catching up with Charley

I suppose that’s what happens when you’re incredibly busy – blogs get neglected. So apologies, and here are a few little snippets to get this place up to date with everything that’s been going on. (At least, some of the things I can talk about anyway…)

I’ve been delighted with the overall response to Dark Eyes 2. As the Muppets clearly sing in their latest excellent screen outing, ‘doing a sequel’ can be a little bit of risk. Especially when following up something so successful and well-made as the original, award-winning, Dark Eyes. So, the second set of stories is a very different beast to the original, largely linear tale of the Eighth Doctor, Molly O’Sullivan and Daleks. I like to think that these stories are things that people will come back to and re-listen to again. In which case, they should reward that: and I hope we’ve done something along those lines with the unusual structure of Dark Eyes 2. In fact, there are probably a number of ways of ordering these stories and still have the whole make sense! (I do sometimes like to make the listener work just a little bit too).

So. Dark Eyes 3. And it has been revealed that my name is at least on the title page for Episode 1. This box, well, it’s a different beast again. And it should be pretty epic…

(and a reminder too that Dark Eyes 2, 3 & 4 can still be purchased in a bundle together for the equivalent of £20 per boxset – just click on the red ‘Bundles’ button on any of their pages on the Big Finish site)

In the immediate future, we have this to look forward to. Charlotte Pollard!

Hear the trailer here.
At long, long last, everybody’s favourite Edwardian Adventuress will be returning in a series of her very own. I was fortunate enough to work with Jonathan Barnes (novelist and writer of many Big Finish Sherlock Holmes tales) and Nick Briggs as we imagined Miss Pollard’s activities since she left the Doctor(s) behind… What is the Lamentation Cipher? What is the nature of the Ever-and-Ever Prolixity? And just what is Charley doing with the Viyrans (voiced once again by Michael Maloney)? All will become clear in May.

The full guest cast for the series has been revealed, and as ever I was amazed at the talent assembled here. Across the four stories we have the likes of Jacqueline King, Louise Brealey and Nadia Kamil popping up. Here I am with the Pollards: Anneke Wills plays Lady Louisa, India Fisher as Charley herself, and introducing Charlotte’s father, Lord Richard Pollard, brought to life by Terrence Hardiman.
Just a few short weeks to wait now… and plenty more on the go to continue to distract me from this blog.

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One Response to More Dark Eyes & Catching up with Charley

  1. Tony Jones says:

    If it’s a choice between more blog entries and more Big Finish then we’ll readily forgive the absence of the former!

    Looking forward to both Dark Eyes 3 and Ms Pollard’s return (and Counter Measures 3 as well!)

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