Fifty Years and Counting…

It’s been a busy old year (as you can probably tell from the lack of blog updates on this very page…)

Not least because I’ve been involved in lots of work for the Fiftieth Anniversary of my favourite thing of all time. Doctor Who reached its Golden Anniversary in November and things have rarely looked healthier for the centuries-old Time Lord. With a triumphant TV special, and a hotly anticipated Christmas Smith-Capaldi handover, the weekend of 23rd November itself saw tens of thousands of fans descend on London’s Excel centre to celebrate – myself and my son included.

I was particularly pleased that the month saw the final release in the Destiny of the Doctor series, my story The Time Machine, read by Jenna Coleman. A Doctor-by-Doctor celebration spanning eleven stories, the whole set can now be bought from Big Finish in a very nice TARDIS presentation box. And the bargain price means it’s a perfect Christmas present for the Who-fans in your life.

It’s been amazing to be able to contribute to my favourite thing in this of all years. I began in January with a multi-Doctor story, and during the course of the last twelve months have written for the First and the last Doctors and several in between. And now December brings Afterlife – an emotional coda to the story of Hex and his journeys with the Seventh Doctor and Ace (all of which I’d heartily recommend you catch up with first!).
And as soon as 2014 starts, I’ll be rounding off the Companion Chronicle anniversary trilogy with Luna Romana. Lalla Ward, Terry Molloy and Juliet Landau star in a tale of Romans, Romanas and a Quadrigger named Stoyn – who’s out for revenge…

So why does this fifty-year-old telly show garner such devotion, inspire such creativity in those who follow it? And how has it been going so long? These are questions I’ve been asked quite a few times already this year. So I’ve had time to consider my answer – and it’s always this. Quite simply, Doctor Who is the best sci-fi-fantasy-tragi-comedy-(pseudo)historical-(melo)dramatical-farcical-serio-family-kids programme there has ever been or ever will be. And it thrives on change, which means it will be around in some form or other much longer than any of us. It’s a legend that’s been formed in modern times, something new that will last forever – which is a very rare thing indeed. And it’s been a dream come true for me to work on it.

So thank you Big Finish, and happy birthday Doctor!

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One Response to Fifty Years and Counting…

  1. Tony Jones says:

    Of course you’ve set a high standard for next year’s work!

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