The End of the World is Nigh(-ish)

At last… the news is out. One of the secret things I’ve been working on these past months has been announced by Big Finish – (always a relief when that happens, one less thing to accidentally let slip!)


An audio series based on the original 1970s series of Terry Nation’s Survivors. We’ll be reliving the Death again, from the start, as we follow a new set of characters through the outbreak of a devastating global pandemic and its aftermath. And the story runs parallel, and intersects with, those of some of the original characters from the BBC show. I’m writing the opener, and am thrilled to be joined by Jonathan Morris, Andrew Smith and John Dorney for the end of the world. The series will be out next June, with a second box set to follow. More details soon…

Other news, I’ll be yo-yo-ing back and forth to London town during the next few days. First to Chiswick on Sunday 14th July for Fantom Films celebration of Colin Baker’s tenure. I’m honoured to be appearing alongside the rather brilliant Lisa Greenwood (companion Flip in Sixie’s audio adventures) for a Big Finish panel and signing.

And then I’ll shortly be along to Ladbroke Grove for something you may well hear more about in the next few days…

You may also have noticed a casting snippet in the recent announcement of Gallifrey VI. Yes, the amazing Juliet Landau will also be appearing in Companion Chronicle Luna Romana, along with the marvellous Lalla Ward and Terry Molloy.

And don’t forget, Starlight Robbery (with the Seventh Doctor encountering Sontarans, along with Klein and Will) is released next month. Jonathan Barnes’ Persuasion, the first part of this new trilogy, is out now, and is something very different indeed. I’m looking forward to listening in the next few days…

Right, my first trip to London of the week beckons. I’ll be heading off this afternoon, taking my son to the Royal Albert Hall for the BBC Proms. The Doctor Who 50th anniversary show promises to be something very special indeed. We’ll be waving from the Grand Tier!

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4 Responses to The End of the World is Nigh(-ish)

  1. Matt – you seem to keep getting busier every time you blog!

    Another secret? After the full cast Blake’s 7 and Survivors I can’t afford to eat and buy any more!


  2. HelmStone says:

    I notice your name in tweets with Hex / Ace / 7 / Sally Morgan!

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