It’s not easy being green…

Another busy month when I need more hours in the day… Scripts are at various stages of planning, writing and recording: some of which are known, some of which are not!

One thing that has been recorded and announced is August’s Starlight Robbery. Part of the next trilogy of Seventh Doctor adventures, in the company of UNIT’s Dr Elizabeth Klein and her own ‘assistant’, it slots between Jonathan Barnes’ Persuasion, and Alan Barnes’ Daleks Among Us.

In mine, I get to play with Sontarans – always a favourite monster of mine. And rather thrillingly, one of my own creations gets a return visit: Garundel, the slippery amphibious ‘speculator’ who first encountered the Seventh Doctor and friends in Black and White. (Though you don’t have to have heard that story beforehand: everything you need to know about him is covered when we meet him in Starlight. Just like you won’t need to have seen The Time Warrior to understand Sontarans!)

His return is in no small part down to Stuart Milligan’s fantastic portrayal. He really ran with what I’d put on the page, and chatting in the green room (appropriate for Garundel!) he’d absolutely got where I was coming from with the character, making him all I’d imagined & more. I even showed him the sketch I’d made of how I thought the ‘Urodelian’ would look, and perhaps one day I’ll put that up on here! I can’t wait to hear him run into the Doctor again in August.

Since that recording, I’ve been back to Moat Studios once more for a very exciting new story, with an amazing cast. Let’s just say I was in the company of TV legends… More on this soon.

But in the meantime, this is the latest release:


The Seeds of War, written with Nick Briggs, a Sixth Doctor tale which introduces a new enemy to the Whoniverse: the Eminence. An insidious gaseous entity, with armies of Infinite Warriors at its command, and given terrifying voice by David Sibley.

We’ll be hearing from the Eminence again, in time…

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