Snow Business

Shock! Horror! The second blog post in a month!

Last week was an exciting one. I attended the studio recording of my latest story for Sylvester McCoy’s Seventh Doctor – Starlight Robbery. As ever, it was a truly illuminating experience seeing my words brought to life by a company of brilliant actors, assembled and ‘coerced’ by director extraordinaire, Ken Bentley. And the lunches as always were worth braving the cold and ice!

I can reveal that the Doctor is accompanied by Dr Elizabeth Klein – played by the wonderful Tracey Childs – the pragmatic UNIT scientific adviser, who existed as a Nazi in an alternate timeline and went on to travel in the TARDIS – (it’s Doctor Who… go with it!). Klein herself now has an assistant of her own: Will Arrowsmith, played by Christian Edwards, a fantastic actor with many interesting irons in fires. The news story and pics are at Big Finish here.

Mine’s the second in the trilogy, with Jonathan Barnes’ fabulous Persuasion preceding, and the finale to be announced… I can say no more for now, but cannot wait for the rest of the cast to be revealed…

I had the pleasure of Sylvester’s company the next day as well. Big Finish made it through the blizzards to be in attendance at Project Motormouth in Slough. The event – with no less than five Doctors in attendance – was held in aid of Janet Fielding’s Motorhouse charity set up to help young people in her local area. Janet’s energy and enthusiasm shone through to make it a great success, with a huge turnout despite the best efforts of the snow gods. BBC2’s Culture Show were there filming too, so something may pop up on telly in the near future. I completely failed to take any pictures myself, but I’m sure you can find snaps of Messrs Tennant, McGann, McCoy, Baker & Davison somewhere on the web…

Finally, here are a few more details on the Destiny of the Doctor from AudioGo: a celebratory series of audiobooks produced by Big Finish for the BBC, featuring all the incarnations from 50 years of Who. The Second Doctor story, Shadow of Death, by the brilliant Simon Guerrier, is out imminently – and Frazer Hines’ interpretation of Patrick Troughton’s Doctor must be heard to be believed!

The full line-up for the eleven stories, one for each Doctor, is as follows:

Destiny of the Doctor

1: Hunters of Earth by Nigel Robinson

2: Shadow of Death by Simon Guerrier

3: Vengeance of the Stones by Andrew Smith

4: Babblesphere by Jonathan Morris

5: Smoke and Mirrors by Steve Lyons

6: Trouble in Paradise by Nev Fountain

7: Shockwave by James Swallow

8: Enemy Aliens by Alan Barnes

9: Night of the Whisper by Cavan Scott and Mark Wright

10: Death’s Deal by Darren Jones

11: The Time Machine by Matt Fitton

You can get all eleven on download for £40 by hitting the green ‘subscribe’ button on Big Finish’s site or clicking here.

Which, quite frankly, is an absolute bargain.

Until next time…

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One Response to Snow Business

  1. Matt – I hadn’t spotted you were doing Starlight, well done. Lot’s to talk about next time we catch up.

    I promise not to ask you if it follows on from the UNIT: Dominion story – given the lack of mention of Beth as Raine I assume it is not immediate. Feel free not to answer!

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