2013 and all that

First off, apologies for lack of updates. Trouble is, I always feel that any spare nanosecond I have should really be spent on all the things I’m supposed to be writing (and being paid for). But then, it would also be nice to actually tell you a little more about those things. So, in the spirit of new year, I’ll have another go at this blogging lark. I think the way to go is little and often, so here goes!

2013 is of course Doctor Who‘s 50th Anniversary year.  I’ve quite a few things lined up, many of which are now revealed in the pages of the latest Doctor Who Magazine.

First up, January sees the release of The Wrong Doctors – starring Colin Baker, Bonnie Langford, Bonnie Langford, and Colin Baker (it will all make sense when you hear it, I promise…) Oh, and they’re all facing off against the marvellous Tony Gardner as the enigmatic Mr Petherbridge. The first episode can be heard for free as a podcast on the Big Finish website and soundcloud, here.


Next up, in March, is The Seeds of War, for which a trailer has just been released. Written from a storyline by Nicholas Briggs, this has an incredible cast, put together by brilliant director Barnaby Edwards.

In July, it’s time for Counter-Measures Series 2, as the 1960s team return to investigate more strange scientific phenomena. It all kicks off with Manhunt, my opening episode which sees Group Captain Gilmore on the run, accused of murder. Other stories are by James Goss, Cavan Scott & Mark Wright and John Dorney, who script-edits the series – so some illustrious company there!

In September the fourth and final series of Big Finish’s ‘Lost Stories’ begins with The Dark Planet. These are storylines from some of the show’s original writers which never made it to the screen. I’ve adapted a 1960s story by Brian Hayles (creator of the Ice Warriors) which sees light and dark at war on a mysterious world. William Russell and Maureen O’Brien reprise their roles as First Doctor companions Ian Chesterton and Vicki to tell the tale, while John Banks and Charlie Norfolk play the planet’s inhabitants. I deliberately tried to make this story very alien and otherworldly, in keeping with the likes of the era’s Web Planet and I really can’t wait to hear what magic’s been worked with the sound design by Toby Hrycek-Robinson. Here’s the gorgeous cover design by Alex Mallison:


And then, in November – the month of Who‘s anniversary itself – comes Destiny of the Doctor: The Time Machine. An audiobook adventure for the Eleventh Doctor, this is part of AudioGO‘s celebration of Doctor Who.  It’s the final story of eleven, one for every Doctor, and the first of which – Destiny of the Doctor: Hunters of Earth – is out now. (And you can get a download subscription to all eleven stories for just £40 from Big Finish – bargain!)

I’ve also got a story in Big Finish’s Companion Chronicles range, Luna Romana, which is the finale to an anniversary trilogy which follows the influence of the mysterious Quadrigger Stoyn through the Doctor’s lives. But that won’t be out until January 2014 – a whole year away!

In addition to that, I’ll be working with Nick Briggs and Alan Barnes on the follow-ups to the hugely successful Eighth Doctor series Dark Eyes, which saw a whole new chapter open up in the life of Paul McGann’s incarnation of the Time Lord.

Plus several other things which haven’t even been announced yet… Phew, so much for keeping it short! Anyway, as you can see, I’ve had an excuse for not keeping on top of this blog, but I’ll strive to stay more up-to-date from now on. Let’s see how that works out (AGAIN)…

Happy 2013 to all!

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