April Update

Another busy month… but loving every minute.

First off, Big Finish Day 2 was an absolute blast. Spent a busy day on the stalls helping sell the many ranges of audio productions that the company produce. It’s not just Doctor Who you know: Sapphire and Steel, Dark Shadows, Highlander, Stargate, as well as their own original series, spin-offs and single dramas.

As well as the stall, there was a seat with my name above it, and I was hugely chuffed to find that by sitting underneath it, some lovely people came up and asked me to sign things.

Hopefully there’ll be more of this sort of thing to come. I should be along to the Regenerations convention in Swansea in September, by which time there should be one or two more releases with my name on them.

Speaking of which…

Black and White – out in August, as part of the next Seventh Doctor trilogy from Big Finish. A Doctor Who take on the story of Beowulf. With, for my money, one of the best TARDIS teams ever.

Much of the rest of my time – besides Easter school holidays – has been occupied with other things of which I cannot speak… Just getting the hang of this whole writing-production-release schedule, and hope to be able to discuss in more depth once the bloomin’ things come out!

So. A brief update for now, with more to come soon, I hope…

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